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Outspoken, opinionated and never lost for words, Mark Kermode has carved out a career in print, radio, and television based entirely on the belief that The Exorcist is the greatest movie ever made and that the Pirates of the Caribbean films should be buried in a very deep hole where they can never bother anyone ever again.

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Mark Kermode's top five hatchet jobs

We all have films that we love to hate and that we love to rant about. There are few that rant more concisely and cuttingly than trusted ...

Picador podcast: Mark Kermode talks Hatchet Job

What’s a hatchet job? Why is it more dangerous to praise than to criticise? And why did Mark Kermode get banned from a press screening?...

Mark Kermode on...

Mark Kermode on the internet and being on the receiving end of bad reviews

Hatchet Job: read chapter one

Are you looking for trenchant opinion, historical analysis, personal prejudice and acerbic humour on films old and new from Observer...


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