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The Picador Book Club: Hotel Alpha by Mark Watson

The Picador Book Club: Hotel Alpha by Mark Watson

We spend all our time reading and talking about books in the office, and we want to share our enthusiasm. What better way than with our very own book club? Each month there'll be twenty copies of a brand new paperback up for grabs. Whether you read it alone or with your own book club, we'd love to hear how you get on via @picadorbooks Twitter. First up is the brilliant Hotel Alpha by Mark Watson.

Friday poem: an underwater country

The Mere

by Sean OBrien

Its poplars and willows and sludge. Its gnat-clouds.
Smell of cooling animal at dusk. Grey-greenness.
Soup-suspension. Its having been
Here all along. It is nowhere, serves nothing, lives
On your behalf when you are absent.

Poems that take us to an underwater country

All of the books in the Picador Classic series open with an introduction by a writer or public figure  a personal recommendation from a reader who knows the book intimately. Here is the opening of novelist and poet Helen Dunmore’s introduction to Sean OBriens poetry collection The Drowned Book.

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