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A Friday poem about coffee

A Friday poem about coffee

I collect poems about tea but I’d gladly make a special exception and add this poem about coffee. I love the way the repeated sounds in the poem intertwine and mirror the bird building a nest... 

Apocaliterary fiction and the Museum of Civilisation

The world we live in is a strange one. One full of evil, illness, yet undeniable beauty. It is a world where our elders complain of the younger generation's blunted youth, dumbed down by iPhones, computers and social media; corrupted by gratuitous violence. But in Emily St. John Mandel's novel Station Eleven, amongst many other things, she poses the question: what if we were to lose it all? 

Poetry aloud: 'The woman the boy became'

Born more brawn than most,
Born warm.
Born close to ghosts.
Born storm.

Born old.
Grew young.
You could tell she wasn’t from
The same place as the rest,
Born strong.
Born wrong.

Listen to Kate read the poem in full.

13 books you should read this autumn

13 books you should read this autumn

The first thing I think of when I hear 'autumn' is the sound and feeling of walking through golden leaves and it's for that reason, I think, that a lot of these books are set in the natural world – or else they have a get-cosy-by-the-fire feel! Some are brand new, and some are very old, with one of them celebrating its 75th birthday last year. All of them, though, are brilliant stories, so pick one and find yourself a bench like this one to start reading.

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