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What's going on?

Friday poem: 'Etching of a Line of Trees' by John Glenday

This poem seems to make all sorts of connections between the physical act of making and meditation; they become part of the same process. I get the sense, too, of the making of the poem itself as something physical – the words being carved, cut away, shaped and burnished.

Friday poem: 'Homage' by Rachael Boast

What's the magic of this poem? Ritual and prophecy play a part. And perhaps prayer too. Of course, poems worth knowing often require an act of homage themselves – 'going/back to the same place until it knows you'.

The exhilaration of writing

Ellen Feldman's latest novel The Unwitting tells the story of a marriage set against the backdrop of the Cold War and the CIA. Here, she talks about her interest in the relationship between the private and the political and how she came to write fiction for a living.

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