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Friday poem: 'Reader' by Billy Collins

Looker, gazer, skimmer, skipper,
thumb-licking page turner, peruser,
you getting your print-fix for the day,
pencil-chewer, note taker, marginalianist

The best literary magazines around

Imagine it: comfy chair, blanket, tea or coffee or a glass of wine, your favourite literary magazine. Could there be a more perfect way to pass the time? This list features a select few literary journals, quarterlies and online magazines that we love to lose ourselves in. 

Win tickets to see Jon Ronson's 5x15 talk

Win tickets to see Jon Ronson's 5x15 talk

Win a pair of tickets to hear Jon Ronson talk about the phenomenon of public shaming, the subject of his new book, So You've Been Publicly Shamed. Also speaking at the 5x15 event are four people who have found themselves on the wrong side of an angry public: Charlie Gilmour, Christopher Jefferies, Folami Prehaye and Max Mosley.

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