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Friday poem: 'Aimless Love'

by Billy Collins

This morning as I walked along the lakeshore, 
I fell in love with a wren 
and later in the day with a mouse 
the cat had dropped under the dining room table.

Friday poem: 'Hermit Crab'

Friday poem: 'Hermit Crab'

by Peter Porter

I have no new shell to retreat to 
Having scanned the beach (it has never 
Seemed so wide and such a tympanum 
For the thundering ocean) and watched the gulls 

A note on 'Hermit Crab'

A note on 'Hermit Crab'

by Christine Porter

When Peter Porter died in 2010, his reputation as one of the greatest Australian poets had long been settled. Christine Porter, Peter's wife, talks about one of his last poems, 'Hermit Crab' and what it means to her.

Friday poem: 'Fireshower'

by Rachael Boast

Lying down on a bench by the bridge,
a moon in late Gemini hidden from view,
I think of you who I loved a moment ago
as handfuls of light thrown up in the sky

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