Picador: publisher of award-winning literary fiction and non-fiction and poetry

What Picador stands for

What defines a Picador book is the author’s voice: we believe the way the story is told is just as important as the story itself, and this is the case for all our fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

We publish writers from all over the world, bringing international authors to an EngIish-Ianguage readership and providing a platform for voices that are often not heard.

We publish a list that includes literary fiction; new, relevant and challenging fiction; narrative non-fiction; authoritative, cultural non-fiction; and the best contemporary poetry; as well as a number of uncategorizable books that will surprise you.

We also aim to make beautiful books, from exciting and original first publications to clean, elegantly designed commercial paperbacks. But we are also always looking at new ways to publish including digital first strategies, creatively enhanced ebooks and innovative apps.

Meet the team

At least ten people work on each book that Picador publishes, all helping to get the author’s words into the hands of readers: there’s contracts and rights, editorial and publicity, production and design, sales and marketing... Find out what all those jobs entail and see what makes the Picador team tick when it comes to books, reading and publishing.

Paul Baggaley, Publisher of Picador

Sophie Jonathan, Editor at Picador

Ansa Khan Khattak, Editorial Assistant

Francesca Main, Editorial Director at Picador

Catriona Row, Sales Manager

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Frequently asked questions

I want to contact one of your authors

We are unable to give out our authors' and illustrators' contact details, but we're more than happy to pass messages on to them. You can either email your message to picadorblog@macmillan.co.uk or post it to us, addressed to the author in question, at:

c/o Picador
Pan Macmillan
20 New Wharf Road
N1 9RR

Please note that we can't guarantee a response from our authors.

I would like to submit a manuscript or proposal to Picador

Unfortunately Picador does not accept unsolicited manuscripts or proposals. All our submissions come via literary agents. You can find lots of information on how to get an agent to represent you at www.writersandartists.co.uk/writers; there are plenty of writing tips there, too. If you are trying to get poems published it's also a good idea to submit individual poems for publication in poetry magazines and journals.

Our sister company, Pan Macmillan India, accepts some unsolicited submissions. You can find full details here: http://panmacmillan.co.in/SubMission.aspx.

I'd like to do work experience at Picador

Pan Macmillan offers one or two-week placements on an ad-hoc basis, dependent on what we can accommodate within the business. Work experience is unpaid, although we do reimburse an amount towards travel and lunch expenses.

To be eligible for a work experience placement at Pan Macmillan you must be 18 or over and you must not have carried out a work experience placement with Pan Macmillan in the past. Due to the high demand for work experience, we are only able to offer one placement per person.

To apply, please email your CV and covering letter, stating clearly the dates that you are available and the area(s) of the business you are interested in, to: panmacworkexperiencerequests@macmillan.co.uk. The subject line should read: Work Experience – [Department(s) of interest] (e.g.: Work Experience – Picador; Work Experience – Publicity, Sales).

Please be aware that we receive a large volume of applications for a limited number of work experience placements and we will only contact you if an appropriate placement becomes available.

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