1 person has read The Picador Book of 40: 40 writers inspired by a number

The Picador Book of 40

40 writers inspired by a number

For Picador’s 40th anniversary we asked forty writers to respond to the idea of forty in whatever way they liked. The results are spectacular: thoughtful, funny, poignant, as brilliantly diverse as the Picador list.

Pieces include the temporal (what I was doing forty years ago; the mid-life crisis of a forty-year-old whose lifespan coincides with Picador’s), the quirky (gifts I’d like to receive for my fortieth birthday; forty things to do before I die; what it’s like never to have been on any of those Best Under Forty lists), and the downright clever (forty-word synopsis of great works of literature), along with some astonishingly good short stories and poems touching on mortality and ageing.

The authors range from great established writers on the list, like Alice Sebold, John Banville and Graham Swift, to new stars, such as Emma Straub, Belinda McKeon and Megan Abbott, and thirty-three more!

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978144721904001
Published: 10/10/2012