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The Fever

Megan Abbott

Deenie, Gabby and Lise are best friends – a tight girl-unit negotiating their way through the troubled waters of their teens, a world of sex, secrets and intense relationships.

When first Lise then Gabby falls prey to a mysterious illness, hysteria sweeps their school and, as more girls succumb, Deenie finds herself an outsider, baffled by the terrifying illness and scared that it could all be because of something she has done.

Suffering with Deenie are her dad and her brother, both protective of Deenie, but each with secrets of their own...

The Fever is an explosive new novel in which Megan Abbott explores the lethal power of guilt and desire, and how mass hysteria can grip a community, making real our deepest fears.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781447226338
Published: 18/06/2015

Megan Abbott

Megan Abbott

Megan Abbott is an Edgar Award-winning author whose novels include Queenpin, Bury Me Deep, The End of Everything and Dare Me. She has taught literature, writing, and film at New York University, the New School, and at the State University of New York at Oswego. She received her PhD in English and American literature from New York University in 2000. She lives in New York City.

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"A mesmerizing, modern portrait of teenage life today ... The Fever holds true to its title: It's dark, disturbing, strangely beautiful and utterly unshakeable."

Gillian Flynn