Jacob Polley

Winner of the T. S. Eliot Prize for Poetry.

Jackself is the fourth collection from one of Britain's finest poets, and sees Jacob Polley at the height of his powers. In one of the most original books of poetry to appear in the last decade,Jackself spins a kind of 'fictionalized autobiography' through nursery rhymes, riddles and cautionary tales, and through the many 'Jacks' of our folktale, legend, phrase and fable - everyman Jacks and no one Jacks, Jackdaw, Jack-O-Lantern, Jack Sprat, Cheapjack and Jack Frost.

At once playful and terrifying, lyric and narratively compelling, Jackself is an unforgettable exploration of an innocence and childhood lost in the darker corners of Reiver country and of English folklore, and once more shows Polley as one of the most remarkable imaginations at work in poetry today.

Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 9781447290445
Published: 03/11/2016

Jacob Polley

Jacob Polley

Jacob Polley was born in Carlisle in 1975. His works include two poetry collections, both published by Picador, and the novel, Talk of the Town. He teaches at the University of St Andrews and lives in Fife.

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