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All Involved

Ryan Gattis

For six days, Los Angeles is a city ablaze.
For six days, seventeen people are caught in the chaos.
For six days, Los Angeles shows the world what happens when laws are no longer enforceable.

In April 1992, less than two hours after one of the most notorious, racially charged trials in American history, Los Angeles explodes in violence. As widespread rioting breaks out and martial law takes over, one man's death triggers an astonishing sequence of events - not just for the gangs involved, but for others too: fire-fighters, graffiti artists, nurses and law enforcement, all of whom are connected by this murder and entangled in the city's mayhem. Through these voices, All Involved weaves a brutal epic of crime and opportunity, revenge and survival.


Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781447283171
Published: 19/05/2016

Ryan Gattis

Ryan Gattis

Ryan Gattis is a writer, Creative Writing lecturer, co-founder of a publishing collective and a member and Creative Director of a street art collective. He earned an MA in Creative Writing Prose from UEA and currently lives in Los Angeles.

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All Involved is a symphonic, pitch-perfect, superlative novel. It is visceral and adrenalin-fuelled, yet tender and even darkly comic. It is audacious, unflinching and subversive. It doesn't judge. It swallowed me whole.”

David Mitchell, author of Cloud Atlas

“Shocking, visceral and humane, All Involved is a perfectly-paced, heart-breaking portrait of a city tearing itself apart.”

Paula Hawkins, author of The Girl on the Train

All Involved is a monumental achievement. Ryan Gattis takes the reader into the broken, outraged heart of Los Angeles during the '92 riots and doesn't blink once at what he finds there.”

Dennis Lehane, author of Shutter Island