Sean O

Sean O'Brien

Sean O’Brien has written seven collections of poetry. The Drowned Book (2007) won the Forward and T. S. Eliot prizes. Cousin Coat: Selected Poems 1976–2001 appeared in 2002. His other work includes the book of essays The Deregulated Muse (1998), the verse plays The Birds (2002) and Keepers of the Flame (2003) and a verse translation of Dante’s Inferno (2006). In 2008 his collection of short stories, The Silence Room, was published, followed in 2009 by his novel Afterlife. He is Professor of Creative Writing at Newcastle University.

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Friday poem: 'Daylight Saving'

By Sean O'Brien

The clocks go back. As the light fails
Down on the path by the Metro line
Where yellow leaves have drifted overnight
Against the wire fences, men walk with dogs

Friday poem: an underwater country

The Mere

by Sean OBrien

Its poplars and willows and sludge. Its gnat-clouds.
Smell of cooling animal at dusk. Grey-greenness.
Soup-suspension. Its having been
Here all along. It is nowhere, serves nothing, lives
On your behalf when you are absent.

Friday poem: 'Long Wave'

Friday poem: 'Long Wave'

by Sean O'Brien

Whether you stay or go, you hear
The water brushing at the threshold
And the long wave comes and carries you –
Home, home, as far as far,

Designing the Picador poetry covers: like veins in the body

Designing the Picador poetry covers: like veins in the body

The new design style for Picador’s collected and selected poetry books began with the hardback edition of Sean O’Brien’s Collected Poems, where I was trying to create something simple yet striking, collectable, and most importantly true to the poetry.