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Ours are the Streets

Sunjeev Sahota

Imtiaz Raina, born in Sheffield, young father, young husband, son of loving parents, has decided to die. He has convinced himself that he believes in his cause. And before he leaves home for a final time, he wants to be sure his family understand why. So he decides to write for them, to leave his journey behind.

Raw, funny, tender, furious, vulnerable, selfish, desperate, proud: this is his story.

From the grey hills of Sheffield to the mountainous border of Afghanistan, it's a story about a longing for acceptance that becomes so extreme he will stop at nothing. It's a story about grief, about belonging, about being lost. It's the story behind the news story. A story for our times.

'I'm having to stop myself from reading back through what I've written. Keep myself going forward. Need to get to the end.'

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978033054577801
Published: 07/01/2011

Sunjeev Sahota

Sunjeev Sahota

Sunjeev Sahota was born in 1981 in Derbyshire and continues to live in the area. Ours are the Streets is his first novel.

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