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The Woman Warrior

Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts

Maxine Hong Kingston

‘A brilliant memoir . . . it is about being Chinese in the way A Portrait of the Artist is about being Irish; it is an investigation of soul, not landscape, its sources are dream and memory, myth and desire; its crises are the crises of a heart in exile from roots that bind and terrorize it . . . Maxine Hong Kingston writes with bitter and relentless love. Her voice, now, is as clear as the voice of Ts’ai Yen, who sang her sad, angry songs of China to the barbarians. It is as fierce as a warrior’s voice, and as eloquent as any artist’s’ Jane Kramer, New York Times Book Review

‘A strange, enchanting book . . . As a manual of self-discovery through the channels and terrors of one’s own rejected communal memory, it is unbeatable’ Clancy Sigal, Guardian

‘As a dream – of the “female avenger” – it is dizzying, elemental, a poem turned into a sword . . . reimagining the past with such dark beauty, such precision and anger that you feel you have saddled the Tao dragon and see all through the fiery eye of God’ John Leonard, New York Times


Genre: Non-Fiction
ISBN: 978033026400613
Published: 08/08/2002

Maxine Hong Kingston

Maxine Hong Kingston

Maxine Hong Kingston is a Chinese-American writer of fiction and non-fiction. She is currently a senior lecturer in the Department of English at the University of California, Berkeley. Author photograph © Michael Lionstar.

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