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The Vacationers

Emma Straub

Two weeks in a remote island villa with America’s most dysfunctional family – what could possibly go wrong?

The Posts are going on their first family vacation in years, and it’s going to be a special one: Jim and Franny are taking their daughter Sylvia, son Bobby and his girlfriend, and Franny’s best friend Charles and his husband, all the way to Mallorca for two weeks of the sort of relaxation, culture and cuisine that only Europe can offer.

But there are problems. After a transgression with a twenty-three-year-old editorial assistant, Jim has been unceremoniously sacked from his job, and now his and Franny’s marriage is on the rocks. Charles and Lawrence are feeling divided over their future, Bobby is mired in debt problems and stuck in a relationship that’s pulling in opposite directions and his girlfriend Carmen, super-fit personal trainer and, at forty-something, far too old for Bobby, seems to have realized her mistake. As for Sylvia, she’s eighteen, about to go to college, and determined to lose her virginity before she gets there...

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978144726285501
Published: 05/06/2014

Emma Straub

Emma Straub

Emma Straub lives in New York City. She is the author of a short-story collection, Other People We Married. Her first novel, Laura Lamont’s Life in Pictures, is published by Picador.

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