The Reminders

Val Emmich

Overcome with the loss of his boyfriend Sydney, Gavin Winters has set fire to every reminder in their home. A neighbour has captured the blaze on video, turning this little-known TV actor into a household name. Gavin flees LA for New Jersey, where he hopes that ten-year-old Joan, the daughter of a close friend, can reconnect him with the memories of Sydney he is now in danger of losing for ever. 

Joan was born with a rare ability to recall every single day of her life in perfect detail, and in return for sharing her memories of Sydney, Gavin will help her write a song for a local competition. For Joan has had enough of being the girl who can't forget – she wants to be the girl who will never be forgotten...

Charming, beautifully observed, poignant and funny, The Reminders is an irresistible story of the unlikely friendship between a grief-stricken man who can't remember and a ten-year-old girl who can't forget.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781509829422
Published: 18/05/2017

Val Emmich

Val Emmich

Val Emmich is a man of varied talents. As an actor, he's had recurring roles on HBO's Vinyl, ABC's Ugly Betty, and a memorable guest role as Tina Fey's coffee-boy fling, Jamie, on NBC's 30 Rock. Emmich is also an award-winning recording artist who's released a dozen albums and toured the US several times over.

The Reminders, his first novel, draws on his experiences on screen and stage, and is based on a short story that won an award in Glimmer Train's New Writers competition. 

He lives in Jersey City, New Jersey, with his wife and two children.

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