The Other Half

Sarah Rayner

Chloe – bright, hip and single – is a feature writer with ambitions to launch a magazine of her own.  When she meets James, her potential new boss, she knows she shouldn’t mix business with pleasure, but finds it impossible to resist . . . 

Maggie appears to have it all – she’s beautiful, a talented writer, and has a gorgeous husband.  But something’s not quite right: his job as a magazine publisher is keeping him in the city till late, and some nights he doesn’t come home at all . . .

Told in the alternating voices of the mistress and the wife, this story of an affair is a sharp, seductive take on modern love. Who, if anyone, can come out unscathed?

About this book

Most readers today know Sarah Rayner from the bestselling One Moment, One Morning and The Two Week Wait. But before that she published two rather different novels – The Other Half (in 2001) and Getting Even (in 2002). Many people have asked how they can get hold of these titles, so we are delighted to be reissuing them both – fully revised and updated by the author. The Other Half is a fun, sexy read about an affair, told from the alternating perspectives of the wife and the mistress, and set in the magazine industry. Sarah hopes you find it hugely enjoyable.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978144723460901
Published: 06/12/2012

Sarah Rayner

Sarah Rayner

Sarah Rayner is the author of five novels, including The Two Week Wait and the bestselling One Moment, One Morning. She worked for twenty years as an advertising copywriter and now writes fiction full-time. Sarah lives with her husband in Brighton.

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