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The Brink

Jacob Polley

Though still in his mid-twenties Jacob Polley is already in possession of a remarkably mature talent. Formally graceful, but unself-conscious, his poems come at the reader from all angles, wholly alive to the unique possibilities of their subjects - the sea, the land, the home, the very brink of things.

This debut collection gives us the first opportunity to see his transforming imagination in action, where a jar of honey becomes '... the sun, all flesh and no bones / but for the floating knuckle / of the honeycomb / attesting to the nature of the struggle'.

Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 978033041288902
Published: 05/12/2003

Jacob Polley

Jacob Polley

Jacob Polley was born in Carlisle in 1975. His works include two poetry collections, both published by Picador, and the novel, Talk of the Town. He teaches at the University of St Andrews and lives in Fife.

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