2 people have read Ten Stories About Smoking (Boxed Edition)

Ten Stories About Smoking (Boxed Edition)

Stuart Evers

Ten stories of allure, betrayal, nostalgia, solitude, seduction, damage, desire and loss; of silence broken by the click of a lighter; insomnia defined by a glowing ember; a magician’s trick; a lover’s scent; a final wish. These are stories that go to the heart of things.

‘In this remarkable collection, Stuart Evers winds a course through worlds of yearning, secrets and mortification in prose as lithe as a ribbon of smoke’ Wells Tower

‘Love, loss and recovery are the real themes of these quiet, haunting stories, which add up into an unexpectedly powerful book. An impressive debut’ Aravind Adiga

‘Evers has found possibility in even the bleakest and smallest of lives, with each delicately linked not only by a cigarette but also by a glimpse into how terrifyingly empty a life can be’ David Vann


Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978033052515201
Published: 04/03/2011

Stuart Evers

Stuart Evers

Stuart Evers is the author of Ten Stories About Smoking (winner of the London Book Award) and a highly acclaimed novel, If This is Home. He lives in London.

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