Nowhere Man

Aleksandar Hemon

‘Aleksandar Hemon has established himself as that rare thing, an essential writer. Another small act of defiance against this narrowing world’ Observer

‘His language sings . . . I should not be surprised if Hemon wins the Nobel Prize at some point’ Giles Foden

In Aleksandar Hemon’s electrifying first book, The Question of Bruno, Jozef Pronek left Sarajevo to visit Chicago in 1992, just in time to watch war break out at home on TV. Unable to return, he began to make his way in a foreign land and his adventures were unforgettable. Now Pronek, the accidental nomad, gets his own book, and startles us into yet more exhilarating ways of seeing the world anew.

‘If the plot is mercury, quick and elusive, sentence by sentence and word for word, Aleksandar Hemon’s writing is gold’ Times Literary Supplement



Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978033039350802
Published: 06/08/2009

Aleksandar Hemon

Aleksandar Hemon

Aleksandar Hemon was born in Sarajevo and lives in Chicago. He is the author of The Question of Bruno, Nowhere Man, Love and Obstacles, and The Lazarus Project, which was a finalist for both the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award. His work also appears regularly in the New Yorker and Granta, among other publications.

Photo © Velibor Božović

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