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Nights in the Asylum

Carol Lefevre

Written in spare yet sensuous prose, Nights in the Asylum is the story of three people seeking shelter; it is also a story of home, of belonging, of leaving one home and trying to make another, where-ever and how-ever you can.

Stricken with grief and guilt following the death of her daughter, Miri flees the city for the quiet calm of Havana Gardens, a once fine but now dilapidated mansion built for her grandmother. On the road she rescues Aziz, an Afghan refugee on the run from detention; then, in the attic of the old house, Miri discovers Suzette Moran and her baby daughter hiding, and grants them refuge.

Slowly, in the hot confined spaces of the house, the three runaways unravel their stories, but when Suzette’s policeman husband comes looking for her, it sparks a chain of events that will disrupt their already fragile peace.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978033053966101
Published: 23/11/2010

Carol Lefevre

Carol Lefevre

Carol Lefevre has worked as a painter in a pottery, a barmaid, a nanny, and a writer for glossy lifestyle magazines; she's also had a music career in Australia, worked in television in New Zealand, and played keyboards and sung in folk-rock bands on the Isle of Man. She's published non-fiction - including a piece on adoption in Family Wanted (Granta, 2005) - and short stories, and now combines freelance writing and photography with doctoral studies. She divides her time between the Isle of Man and Australia.

Nights in the Asylum is her first novel.

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