Mobius Dick

Andrew Crumey

‘Crumey is one of my three or four favourite modern writers - a wise, funny, alert and original novelist who has never disappointed’ Jonathan Coe

'I loved it! Just exhilerating!' Fay Weldon

In Mobius Dick, physicist John Ringer, receives a mysterious text message that triggers an investigation into the development of new mobile phone technology in a research facility outside a remote Scottish village. Already the world is becoming a very different place: amnesia, telepathy, false memory and inexplicable coincidences all seem to be occurring more frequently with humorous, brain teasing results. Could quantum experiments have caused the collapse of our universe’s space-time continuum? Could the multi layered text we are reading come from another world altogether?

'While Mobius Dick is a work of sophisticated erudition, its playfulness and artistry make it a page-turner, too. It is perhaps the only novel about quantum mechanics you could imagine reading while lying on a beach.' Joseph O'Connor


Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978144724103401
Published: 22/05/2013

Andrew Crumey

Andrew Crumey

Andrew Crumey has a PhD in theoretical physics and is literary editor of Scotland On Sunday. His novels have been translated widely and have won several prizes.

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