Kung Fu

Ryan Gattis

Jen B's been surviving at the nightmarishly brutal MLK High School just like everybody else: by following the rules. She avoids the Principal. She doesn't complain. She's loyal to her MLK 'family'. And, like 99.5% of the student body, she knows one form or another of martial arts. 

When Jen's world-famous Kung-Fu champion of a cousin Jimmy Chang turns up, everyone wants a piece of him - including Ridley, resident drug lord and leader of the school's most violent gang. They all want to see the legendary martial-arts master defend himself during the school's merciless initiation ritual. 

Except that Jimmy's made a promise never to fight again - a promise that soon leads to the murder of Jen's brother and a bloody final battle that engulfs the entire school.

Fast-paced, gritty and addictive, Kung Fu is an extreme journey into high-school violence and the American Dream that feeds it.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 9781509813506
Published: 19/05/2016

Ryan Gattis

Ryan Gattis

Ryan Gattis is a writer, Creative Writing lecturer, co-founder of a publishing collective and a member and Creative Director of a street art collective. He earned an MA in Creative Writing Prose from UEA and currently lives in Los Angeles.

Photo credit: Sam Tenney

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