For Love And Money

Jonathan Raban

For Love and Money is the 'part case history, part memoir' of a modern man of letters: a selection of Jonathan Raban's very best essays, reportage, travel writings and literary criticism, linked with a narrative thread that bravely attempts the agonizing and revelatory question 'Why do you write?'

'His writing articulates a style of humane and witty conversation: he excels at the revealing anecdote, the smart phrase, the art of happy extravagance. And by being perhaps the only critic of calibre who is not an egomaniac, his judgements emerge as the elegant ponderosities of an intelligent reader - and not from a critic at all' Roger Lewis, Punch

'You see with pleasure how reading has shaped without subduing his style. Raban is never guilty of supposing that he can use lower writing powers because what he's doing is only journalism. The splices are excellent. Raban is interesting everywhere' Frank Kermode, London Review of Books

'A marvellously absorbing anthology which leaves you eager for Raban's next haul of sightings and soundings' Times Literary Supplement


Genre: Non-Fiction
ISBN: 978033030483203
Published: 01/12/1995

Jonathan Raban

Jonathan Raban

Jonathan Raban is the author of over a dozen books, both fiction and non-fiction, including Passage to Juneau, Bad Land, Hunting Mister Heartbreak, Coasting, Old Glory, Arabia, Soft City, Waxwings and Surveillance. His awards include the National Book Critics Circle Award, the Royal Society of Literature’s Heinemann Award, the Thomas Cook Award, the PEN West Creative Nonfiction Award, the Pacific Northwest Booksellers’ Award, and the Governor’s Award of the State of Washington. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Granta, Harpers, New York Review of Books, Outside, Atlantic Monthly, New Republic, London Review of Books, and other magazines.

In 1990 Raban, a British citizen, moved from London to Seattle, where he now lives with his daughter.

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