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Michael Donaghy

Conjure is Michael Donaghy’s third collection, displaying the same trademark elegance, sleight of hand and philosophical wit that established his reputation as a ‘poet’s poet’.

But while these poems time their feints and punches as well as ever, often the poet’s guard is deliberately kept down: Conjure’s elegies and disappearing acts, love songs and tortuous journeys represent the most challenging, vulnerable and moving work Donaghy ever wrote.

‘Among the finest American poets of his generation’ Robert McPhillips

‘The artistry of Donaghy’s work seems to me exemplary’ Sean O’Brien

‘The fine-tuned precision of a twelve-speed bike’ Alfred Corn


Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 978033039110801
Published: 07/09/2000

Michael Donaghy

Michael Donaghy

Michael Donaghy was born in the Bronx, New York, in 1954. In 1985 he moved to London, where he worked as a teacher and traditional Irish musician. He died in 2004.

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