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Black Dirt

Nell Leyshon

A glorious yet haunting novel about the guilty silences that bind family members together – and sometimes keep them apart.

Frank, lying ill in bed, finds his dying dreams haunted by figures from his childhood: his parents, and his older sister Iris, whose existence – and terrible crime – he has spent long years struggling to forget. His daughter Margaret gathers together the random fragments of his recollections and tries to piece together the past, while her brother George, who has never quite grown up, struggles to remember even recent events.

Revealing the dark and sinister shadows that can shape a child's imagination, Black Dirt is a haunting tale of a father and his family told, like the layering of the earth, in different tones and textures.

Genre: Fiction
ISBN: 978033053212901
Published: 17/12/2010

Nell Leyshon

Nell Leyshon

Nell Leyshon is a novelist and award-winning playwright, with work broadcast on Radio 3 and Radio 4 and published by Oberon Books. She was brought up in Glastonbury and lives in Bournemouth.

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