The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead

Monkton Senior School

The Poetry of Earth is Never Dead is an anthology of ecology poems chosen and carefully ordered by the pupils of Monkton Combe Senior School, Bath, the winners of Anthologise.

Inspired by the school’s own plans for a sustainable future, these are poems that remind us of our environment, of how we see, affect and are ourselves part of, the natural world. Here you’ll find poetry from all places, all ages, and of all colours, shapes and sizes, from John Keats to Jo Shapcott, Seamus Heaney to Virgil, and of course, Carol Ann Duffy herself.

These are poems that have inspired the pupils, or made them look at their environment in a new way – most importantly they are poems the pupils loved.

Genre: Poetry
ISBN: 978144722179101
Published: 14/02/2013

Monkton Senior School

Monkton Senior School

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