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Picador 40th Anniversary

Friday, 06 January 2012


To celebrate Picador’s 40th anniversary we are re-issuing 12 of our classic fiction titles. Among them you will find prize-winning books, books that have become global sales hits, books that caused huge controversy when published or were published to huge critical acclaim. Together they are a valuable set of must-reads.

Every cover is different and I think works individually, but when seen together work as a set, although I’m sure everyone will have a favourite, myself included!

Each book comes with a section of extra material which historicises the book and provides a spring board for readers to discover more. These pages include contemporary review coverage, author interviews and essays, original jacket art work, reading guides, information about adapting the books for film as well as information about other books by the authors and recommended reading lists.


Read about how these gorgeous designs were created and let us know what you think on the Creating the Anniversary Editions for 2012 blogpost >







Friday, 06 January 2012 by Rosanna Boscawen with 0 comments
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