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Edward Docx on the books that inspired Let Go My Hand

Edward Docx on the books that inspired Let Go My Hand

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Edward Docx, author of Let Go My Hand, discusses the best portrayals of male relationships in literature. 

Edward Docx's Let Go My Hand is the brilliant, moving and darkly funny story of a dysfunctional family and their final chance to fix things.

Find out more about the books that inspired the father-son relationships in Let Go My Hand

 Let Go My Hand by Edward Docx is out on 20th April 2017. 

Louis Lasker loves his family dearly – apart from when he doesn’t. There’s a lot of history. And now his father has taken a decision which will affect them all and has asked his three sons to join him on one final journey across Europe. 

'Docx knows that what we want most from a novel are stories into which we can sink our teeth and our hearts' - The Guardian

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