Anna Richards

Anna Richards

Anna Richards was born in Essex and currently lives in London.

Picador 40th: August's reading list

Stories about beautiful women, beautiful men, psychic spies and oppressive families. Picador’s August recommendations are not to be missed!

An extract from Little Gods

Caught between the fence and a thick circle of broken trees, Paul shimmered. His white shirt trembled in front of her like a sheet on a wire. He was sweating and sickened; his head was spinning, he was running from a girl, and he thought he might have lost his testicles somewhere up inside his body.

Writer's room

I have to admit to a slight obsession with the Writer's Rooms feature in the Saturday Guardian. The aspiring writer grabs at any information about the craft to use as a blueprint and from this series of photographs I have deduced a North London attic with a churchyard view is as vital as ink. (More so, if you write exclusively on a laptop.)